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How to create bookmarks inside a GMail Message

I recently received an email that contained hyperlinks/bookmarks to headings in the email message. I know there are paid services that will do this for you but I like free. So I pondered on how this could be done.

Here is what I found to make it work (someone please tell me there is an easier way):

  1. Create your email in Docs with Headers and insert a table a contents – example doc
  2. Publish that doc to the web
  3. Open the published doc on the web – published example doc
  4. Grab the source code (In Chrome: Click on the wrench, select tools —> view source)
  5. Copy the code
  6. Open this Spreadsheet and make a copy (Information and Doc from this great website
  7. Run the script Gmail –> HTML Mail
  8. Paste in the copy source code into the MESSAGE:
  9. Click Send Email (Don’t forget to an email address in TO: and something in the SUBJECT:)

Gmail Bookmarks

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